I have produced several visual and audio ethnographies as part of my research in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. These speak to my interest in understanding the symbolic power of law, and they are informed by work in philosophy and anthropology. Some of them are experimental ethnographies, attempts at once to understand something from the point of view of the subject and place the viewer in a direct and deliberate relationship to that subject. 

Some samples are found here, filmed in Mayotte, a department of the French Fifth Republic:
Some other pieces:

Short Visual Ethnographies and Soundscapes

"China Massage," black and white photography, Baghdad, 2009.

"Waiting for Home," color photography, Baghdad, 2009.

“Fatima et Anziz,” 4:24 mn, video, color, Comoros Islands, 2005.

“L’école coranique,” 2:13 mn, video, color, Comoros Islands, 2006.

“Suleca,” 3.19 mn, video, color, Puerto Rico, 2006.

“Patrice, Thinking Soul,” 1:04 mn, video, color, Massachusetts, 2006.

“Chambre d’annulation musulmane,” 4mn, video, color, Comoros
Islands, 2006.

“Israel,” 3:25mn, video, color, New York, 2006.

“Gentlemen,” 8:30 mn, soundscape, Massachusetts, 2006.

Feature Visual Ethnographies

“Race,” video, color, Argenteuil, France, in post-production.

“Little Veils,” video, color, Mauritius, in pre-production.

“Cadijustice,” video, color, Comoros Islands, in post-production.