Comparative Constitutional Law
King's College London

Comparative Constitutional Design
King's College London

Morality and the Law: Transnational Perspectives
King's College London

Public Law Research Seminar
King's College London

Visual Ethnography for Politics and Law
University of Oxford, Graduate Theory and Studio Course

Kieslowski’s Decalogue: Law, Morality, Politics (with John Gardner)
University of Oxford, Graduate Seminar

Religion in the European Public Sphere
University of Oxford, Graduate Seminar

Law and the Politics of Rights in Europe
University of Oxford, Graduate Seminar

Politics, Philosophy and Economics 
University of Oxford

Moral Dilemmas and the Law: Kieslowski’s Decalogue (with Alan Gluck and Mark Tushnet)
Harvard Freshman Seminar 42p

Church and State: Global Perspectives
Harvard Law School Seminar, LAW-90455A

Harvard Core Curriculum Lectures, Historical Studies A-71

Comparative Constitutional Law
Harvard Government 2142 and Harvard Extension E-1039 Seminar

Legal Identities
Harvard Government Seminar 90bq

The Sophomore Tutorial 
Harvard Government 97b Seminar and Lectures (with Stanley Hoffmann)

Comparative Constitutional Engineering
Harvard Government Lectures 1145 

Comparative Constitutional Engineering
Harvard Government Seminar 90rb 

European Studies Seminar: Democratic Accountability in the New Europe
Harvard Government Seminar 2180 (with Andrew Moravcsik)

Comparative Justice: Constitutional Courts in the Modern World
Harvard Government Seminar 90bh

The Politics and Societies of Western Europe
Harvard Government Lectures 1173

Research Workshop in Comparative Politics 
Harvard Government Seminar 3006 (with Samuel P. Huntington and Elizabeth J. Perry) 

Comparative Democratization
Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs Lectures U6200